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Analysis of Live Cattle Futures Spread for March 2016


In this article we will look at the futures spread, which SeasonAlgo platform provides as a futures spread for March 2016. This is a ...



I completed a one day, one-on-one training session with Romana. I found her knowledge of the SeasonAlgo platform and the world of commodity spread trading to be exceptional. She helped me to gain a rapid insight into a topic not very well covered in more conventional trading literature. Her English proficiency was perfectly adequate for a native English speaker to converse freely during the training. Communication is important, in order to allow the student to adapt the course content and pacing to match individual trading experience. I had no language difficulty with Romana and this allowed the training to be easily customised to my knowledge level. I can recommend Romana and TradeandFinance’s individual commodity spread trading course, if you are seeking a more bespoke educational pathway.

Kevin, Melbourne, Australia

I have already been using the SeasonAlgo for some time but this online course really opened my eyes. I realised that I only used a fraction of SeasonAlgo functions. The online course is full of practical demonstrations and guided me through all the searching, filtering and optimising possibilities. I realised how much of useful information is in Bactest section and how I can exploit it. And Advanced Bactester function is really wonderful. The course is very well structured and is very clear and demonstrative. Pity I did not know about this course earlier. Good value for money.



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