About Us

About Us

We have been involved in successful exchange trading for a number of years. Each year, we succeed to increase our trading capital by tens of percent. We mainly specialize in futures trading. Our unique know-how is a new way of seasonal commodity spread trading with use of the most advanced analytical tools.

About TradeandFinance.eu

Already since 2013 our company has been passing the best of our experience and knowledge to all those seriously interested in earning their living by trading. For this reason we write articles, produce videos and provide individual, group and online courses of successful exchange trading. Our trading approaches have been successfully used by many traders worldwide.


SeasonAlgo – we are the only trainers whose courses got authorised by the SeasonAlgo developers
RSJ a.s. – we collaborate on articles from the world of trading


Romana Křížová


Qualified investment broker. She is involved in exchange trading since 2010. She specializes in trading commodities and commodity spreads, especially using the platform SeasonAlgo. She executes her trades mainly through broker Interactive Brokers.

Why to Choose Us

1. We ourselves successfully earn our living by exchange trading

We have been successfully engaged in exchange trading for a number of years and we are prepared to share our experience and trading strategies.

2. Our main goal is to save your time and to make you ready for successful live trading

With us you can save a lot of valuable time. In our courses we teach you our own way of trading. After graduating our courses you will be able to apply our methods and practices of successful trading in a form of live trading.

3. We co-operate with the most renowned brokers and use the highest quality software tools

We perceive exchange trading a serious occupation. To be able to succeed in a competitive market environment we co-operate with the best brokers and the highest quality analytical tools. We constantly follow developments and innovations in the field of trading and we incorporate them in our trading methods and practices.


Romana has been a successful futures trader for many years. In her articles and courses she describes and teaches only what she herself practically trades and uses.

  • Commodity trading
  • Commodity and futures spreads trading
  • Options trading
  • Use of software tools such as SeasonAlgo, GeckoSoftware, Sierra Chart, ThinkorSwim, etc.

Romana trains traders around the world. The participants of her courses are quickly able to successfully apply acquired knowledge and increase the value of their accounts.


I was very happy with the course. Although I have already been trading ATS, I learned very useful information regarding the development and robustness testing of strategies. View from another angle is very beneficial for me. The course met my expectations and I highly recommend it.

Radek Císař, Prague, Czech Republic

I completed a one day, one-on-one training session with Romana.  I found her knowledge of the SeasonAlgo platform and the world of commodity spread trading to be exceptional. She helped me to gain a rapid insight into a topic not very well covered in more conventional trading  literature. Her English proficiency was perfectly adequate for a native English speaker to converse freely during the training. Communication is important, in order to allow the student to adapt the course content and pacing to match individual trading experience. I had no language difficulty with Romana and this allowed the training to be easily customised to my knowledge level. I can recommend Romana and TradeandFinance’s individual commodity spread trading course, if you are seeking a more bespoke educational pathway.

Kevin, Melbourne, Australia