Bi-Weekly Analysis of Futures Spread Strategies

Bi-weekly analysis of current seasonal development of futures spreads

One hour webinar performed in the environment of the SeasonAlgo platform

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The analysis is provided in a form of webinars. If you were unable to attend the prepaid webinar, its recording will be available after the webinar in the form of an archived video recording.

For graduates of our courses of futures spread trading, the webinar analysis are available at reduced VIP price. After logging in the portal you will automatically see the prices you are entitled to.

The analysis can in no case be considered the investment recommendations. These are practical educational webinars which enhance topics taught in our courses of futures spread trading.


  • Analysis of spreads analyzed at previous webinars
  • Searching, filtering and analysis of current spread strategies which proved to have the best performance on over 15 years history
  • Analysis of current development of selected spreads and evaluation of possible entries into trading positions
  • Set up of Profit Targets and Stop Losses
  • Analysis of spreads sent by webinars participants – in case of sufficient time at the end of each webinar
  • Questions & Answers

Who are the webinars intended for:

The webinars are not suitable for those not familiar with commodity spread trading. The webinars do not intend to teach commodity spread principles or how to work with the SeasonAlgo platform.

Webinars dates:

  • Register for webinars dates of your choice after paying the webinar tuition.
  • After the tuition payment you will receive instructions on how to register for particular webinar dates.
  • Dates of webinars are announced a month in advance.

Upcoming webinar dates:

  • 5th March 2020, 17:00-18:00 CET
  • 19th March 2020, 17:00-18:00 CET
  • 2nd April 2020, 17:00-18:00 CET

Read Testimonials of Webinars Participants:

  • I totally recommend the webinars - the ongoing analysis of spreads from previous webinars is great as well as the analysis of new spreads with a potential for trading opportunities. SK
  • It was fantastic! The courses of commodity spreads and SeasonAlgo gave me the main insight into this kind of trading. Today webinar was super. Many practical hints which I needed. JK
  • High quality webinar, can recommend. I managed to figure out few thing which were not clear to me before. PM
  • Absolutely happy, I definitely recommend it.


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