Workshop of Spreads, Multileg Spreads and the Advanced Bactester of SeasonAlgo – webinar

Risk management, Advanced Bactester, Multileg spreads

Extends and practically enhances and  the Course of Commodity Spread Trading and the Course of Using the SeasonAlgo Platform

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The workshop is focused on practical mastering of Romana's strategy of successful spread trading, advanced risk magement,  maximisation of the Advanced Bactester module potential for spread trading and multileg spreads in SeasonAlgo.

Advanced Bactester allows to maximize success and profitability of commodity spread trading. Using this module allows to trade spreads without using the technical analysis, only on the basis of statistical data and Walk Forward Analysis. This trading approach allows to minimize the psychological stress of the trader and significantly reduces the time requirements.

Multileg spreads offer a new range of trading opportunities based on commercial hedging strategies. These spreads are characterised by significant seasonality as they result from commercial needs of global markets.

Workshop Advanced BacktesterParticipation in the Workshop of Commodity Spread Trading requires previous knowledge of commodity spread trading and the SeasonAlgo platform. In case you are not yet familiar with the SeasonAlgo or if you are not sure whether you have sufficient practical knowledge of commodity spread trading, we suggest you to initially take part in the webinar Commodity Spread Trading, webinar Using the SeasonAlgo Platform or Online Course of Using the SeasonAlgo Platform.


  • Summary of commodity spread trading method by Romana
  • Spreads search and optimisation in SeasonAlgo
  • Advanced spread analysis
  • Advanced risk management
  • Use of Advanced Bactester for searching optimal parameters of Profit Target and Stop Loss
  • Calculation and set up of Profit Target and Stop Loss for the current year
  • Multileg spreads
  • Preparation of spread trading in SeasonAlgo and Track n‘ Trade
  • Day-by-day trade analysis in Track n‘ Trade
  • Entering and exiting trading positions in the TWS platform of Interactive Brokers
  • Numerous practical examples and demonstration

The programe of the workshop is not:

  • Explanation of commodity spread trading principles
  • Explanation of basic functions of the SeasonAlgo platform
  • Explaining the nature of used indicators
  • Teaching basic functions of the Track n‘ Trade software

Read Testimonials of Course Participants:

  • The course fulfilled my expectations. Although I have been working with SeasonAlgo for a long time, I learned new information regarding selection of strategies. Very valuable and useful information relevant to the Advanced Bactester. I shall continue to study this tool and try to exploit it more in practice. Everything was clearly explained and the lecturer was very helpful. Thank you. Jirka
  • Workshop of  Spread Trading fulfilled my expectations and completed the two previous courses with practical examples and opportunities to try out what SeasonAlgo can do for me, which is a lot. A lot of time was dedicated to our questions. The explanation was clear and understandable. I definitely recommend this workshop to anyone wishing to gain practical knowledge on this platform and learn how to work with it. Thank you very much for all three courses. Daniela, Prague

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