Individual Course of Commodity Spread Trading

playCommodity/futures spread trading is a long term specialisation of Romana, who will prepare the training tailored to your needs and level of knowledge. She will teach you spread trading in a different way than traditionally taught! The course is suitable for beginners, advanced traders and even professionals.

In case you are a beginner in commodity spread trading, Romana has prepared a 2-3 days course for you. If you also need to learn basics of futures trading, 2 additional days of individual course are necessary before starting with commodity spread training.

Take the advantage of learning via shared screen in a comfort of your home. Romana has successfully taught clients from all the continents.



  • The principles of commodity spreads
  • Why to trade commodity spreads, advantages and disadvantages
  • Spread definition and calculation of spread value
  • Spread charts
  • Types of spreads
  • Commodities suitable for spread trading
  • Seasonality and how to use it in spread trading - new approach to seasonal trading!
  • Search, filtering and basic analysis of spreads in SeasonAlgo - new in the world of spread trading!
  • Preparation for spread trading
  • New types of profitable strategies
  • Position management
  • Stop Loss
  • Brokers suitable for commodity spread trading
  • Intraday spread charts and when to control open positions - new!
  • Money management and risk management
  • Strategy for successful commodity spreads trading step-by-step

2. USE OF SEASONALGO PLATFORM - greatly increases profits of your trades

SeasonAlgo detail

  • Building and analysis of outright/spread strategies by your own parameters
  • Optimization
  • Backtests
  • Building portfolio of strategies
  • Smart Search – intelligent search of profitable strategies
  • Analysis of seasonal correlations
  • Advanced analysis
  • Advanced Backtester and comparing profitability of various strategies
  • Online trade log

Individual approach:

Bonuses for Course Participants:

  • 30 days trial of all markets and 10% discount on all (even future) payments for use of SeasonAlgo
  • up to 40% discount on Gecko Software

Read Testimonials of Course Participants:

  • I completed a one day, one-on-one training session with Romana.  I found her knowledge of the SeasonAlgo platform and the world of commodity spread trading to be exceptional. She helped me to gain a rapid insight into a topic not very well covered in more conventional trading  literature. Her English proficiency was perfectly adequate for a native English speaker to converse freely during the training. Communication is important, in order to allow the student to adapt the course content and pacing to match individual trading experience. I had no language difficulty with Romana and this allowed the training to be easily customised to my knowledge level. I can recommend Romana and TradeandFinance’s individual commodity spread trading course, if you are seeking a more bespoke educational pathway. Kevin, Melbourne, Australia