Individual Course Basics of Successful Exchange Trading

Are you serious about learning how to become a successful exchange trader? Do not waste your precious time and order the individual Course of Successful Exchange Trading for Beginners. We will teach you everything you need to know to start with exchange trading. The advantage of the individual course is that it is fully tailored to your learning pace and knowledge base. The course is designed for beginners and intermediates. The course is also suitable for traders who are about to take part in our Course of Commodity Spread Trading .

We will teach you how to start with trading, what to pay attention to, what tools are needed and on what not to spend your hard earned money. You do not need to be affraid to ask any kind of beginner question. Your questions enable us to improve the quality of our courses.

Take the advantage of learning via shared screen in a comfort of your home.

What will you learn?

2014-06-28_13-53-177The course provides basic information on types of exchange and ways of trading as well as equipment necessary for trading. Find out who are brokers and how to choose the right one, what capital is appropriate to start trading with, how high are the fees and what they are paid for. Get acquainted with trading terminology, what are the charts and how to read them. Learn about types of trading and necessary software equipment. Tap into secrets of technical analysis and real trading situations. Learn the basics of money-management, trading orders, and how and when to practically start with trading. You will learn what is technical analysis patterns and indicators.


  • Types of Exchanges and Market Makers
  • What can be traded – specific markets
  • Broker
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Charts and to read them
  • Trend and Basic Principles of Trading
  • Support and Resistance
  • Patterns
  • Indicators
  • Software for Charts Analysis
  • Money-Management
  • Entry and Exit from Trading Positions
  • Trading Orders and their Execution
  • Trading Plan and Strategies
  • From Paper Trading to Live Trading

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Contact us and we shall prepare an individual offer for you based on your needs and preferences