Individual Course of Using the SeasonAlgo Platform


The individual course of Using the SesonAlgo Platform will practically teach you how to use all the functions of this platform. On many demonstrations and examples Romana will guide you through all the aspects of SeasonAlgo. You will start learning how to work with the simplest functions and gradually you will master advanced search for potentially profitable and winning spreads, their analysis, advanced filters and detailed optimisation of entry and exit from trading positions. Very interesting is the Advanced Bactester module, which is based on Walk Forward Analysis of spreads you selected. Thanks to this tool you can analyse multiple selected strategies or different Profit Target and Stop Loss parameters. It is then possible to compare their performance, equity and partial parameters.

Take the advantage of learning via shared screen in a comfort of your home.

SeasonAlgo detailProgram:

  • Overview of the SeasonAlgo platform
  • Building and analysis of outright/spread strategies by your own parameters
  • Optimization
  • Backtests
  • Building portfolio of strategies
  • Smart Search – intelligent search of profitable strategies
  • Analysis of seasonal correlations
  • Advanced analysis
  • Advanced Backtester and comparing profitability of various strategies
  • Online trade log

Bonus for Course Participants:

  • 10% discount on use of platform, 30 days trial of the platform 
  • The course is authorised by the developers

Individual Approach:

Read Testimonials of Course Participants:

  • I have been successfully trading commodity spreads for over two years. For quite some time I have also been working with the SeasonAlgo, but I ordered the individual course in order to smoothen equity f my trades. The course greatly expanded my horizons and was definitely beneficial for my trading strategy. It was great to work practically and in detail on searching for spreads with the highest profit potential. I learnt to work with many kinds of analyses, which I did not know in SeasonAlgo. I was very interested in the lesson focused on optimizing the trade entry. A great contribution was the work with the Advanced Backtester module. Although I have already been working with SeasonAlgo for some time, the course took the entire teaching day. The lecturer Romana was very engaged and the training was performed in a pleasant ambience. Karel, Prague, Czech Republic
  • I completed a one day, one-on-one training session with Romana.  I found her knowledge of the SeasonAlgo platform and the world of commodity spread trading to be exceptional. She helped me to gain a rapid insight into a topic not very well covered in more conventional trading  literature. Her English proficiency was perfectly adequate for a native English speaker to converse freely during the training. Communication is important, in order to allow the student to adapt the course content and pacing to match individual trading experience. I had no language difficulty with Romana and this allowed the training to be easily customised to my knowledge level. I can recommend Romana and TradeandFinance's individual commodity spread trading course, if you are seeking a more bespoke educational pathway. Kevin, Melbourne, Australia