Commodity and Futures Spread Trading – online course

Seasonality, predictability, lower risk, profits in tens % p.a.!

The world's unique trading method with a high percentage of winning trades


Online course - watch the webinar repeatedly from comfort of your home

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The course is a recording of live webinar

Trading by seasonality (typical for commodities) - high predictability of successful trades

Minimal time requirements - cca 2 hours a week

Lower margin, lower volatility, high liquidity

How to profit from seasonality

Hedged trading positions - minimised risk, lower exposure to fundamentals

Easy to trade method suitable both for beginner and experienced traders

Successful trading strategy can be immediately applied in your trading!

In case you are a beginner trader, we suggest you to contact us for individual course of Basics of Successful Exchange Trading.

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  • The principles of commodity spreads, advantages and disadvantages
  • Spread construction, spread charts and calculation of spread value
  • Types of markets suitable for spread trading
  • Seasonality in spread trading
  • Search and analysis of spreads in SeasonAlgo platform
  • Preparation for spread trading
  • Strategy for entering trading positions - entry signals
  • Position sizing and Profit Targets
  • Stop Losses
  • Opening and closing spread positions in a broker's trading platform
  • Intraday spread data and time for checking trading positions
  • Risk management and position control
  • Strategy for successful commodity spread trading step-by-step

playThe course is followed and extended by the webinar Using the SeasonAlgo Platform.

Bonuses for graduates:

  • 30 days trial and 10% discount on use of platform (cannot be cumulated with previously acquired bonuses)
  • up to 40% discount on Gecko Software spread trading bundle
  • 1 month e-mail support to the course content

Interested in individual training?

Read Testimonials of Course Participants:

  • All what I expected from this course was fulfilled in full extent. The training was very focused, clear and of high quality. All we needed was explained and thanks to appropriately chosen number of students there was enough time for all our questions. Thanks to this course I moved forward a huge chunk towards an independent trading. Petr, Prague
  • I really enjoyed the seminar. Although have already been trading spreads before, I gained a lot of new knowledge that helped me to improve my trading. The course was led by Romana, the experienced spread trader, who complemented the course with practical examples from her own trading experience. I recommend it to all traders. Zdeněk, Jirkov
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