Using the SeasonAlgo Platform – online course

Unique tool for searching for spreads with high winning history and strong seasonality

The world's only course authorised by the SeasonAlgo developers!

Enhances and extends the Course of Futures Spread Trading

How to profit from seasonality


Online course - watch the course repeatedly from comfort of your home

The course is a recording of a live webinar

Searching for outrights and commodity spreads with up to 100% long-term winning  history.

Analysis of a winning potential of current year spread strategies.

Unique analysis tools and charting.

Optimal trade windows with the strongest seasonal trends - optimal position entry and exit.

Special method of Romana of searching for spreads with the highest winning potential.

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  • Overview of the platform
  • Building and analysis of outright/spread strategies by your own parameters
  • Optimization
  • Backtests
  • Building portfolio of strategies
  • Smart Search - intelligent search of profitable strategies
  • Analysis of seasonal correlations
  • Advanced analysis
  • Advanced Backtester and comparing profitability of various strategies
  • Online trade log


Bonus for graduates:

  • 10% discount on use of platform, 30 days trial of the platform (cannot be cumulated with previously acquired bonuses)
  • 1 month e-mail support to the course content

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 Read Testimonials of Course Participants:

  • The Course of using the SeasonAlgo platform has met and exceeded my expectations. SeasonAlgo is very complex. Learning the program within 1 teaching day is sufficient. I very much appreciated the friendly atmosphere of the course. The instructors were very helpful and answered every question. mrkew13
  • Cool clear explanation with the possibility to ask questions any time. I was more than satisfied with the course. Pete123
  • I have been flirting with SeasonAlgo for few months and I watched their training videos many times. But only the course of using the SeasonAlgo platform from gave me a comprehensive explanation and fully demonstrated the possibilities of this exceptional spread trading platform which is also recommended by Traders-notebook by Joe Ross. Rudbal, Slovakia
  • The course was clear, everything was adequately explained and thanks to a small group of participants there was plenty of room for questions. The course met all my expectations. Richard, Prague
  • The course clearly explained all the topics and all my questions wer well answered. I would prefer a faster teaching pace, but I understand that not everyone is as technically proficient as I. Thus, I was really satisfied by the course. I liked the limited number of people on the course. Honza, Prague
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pre-recorded course - watch repeatedly when suitableEnglish

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