Networking Event – Taxes and Legislation in Exchange Trading

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9.4.2015, 8:30-13:00 hod.Hotel Majestic Plaza, Štěpánská 33, Prague850 KčČesky

conference_rooms_13_1372843517_800x600_ftAfter a successful autumn conference which focused on different types of exchange trading we are now coming up with a networking event.

The event is focused on practical aspects of trading and its objective is to promote active discussion on topics that are not often presented or are not elaborated in a comprehensive and concise form. In particular, however, the aim is to enable traders to establish long-term personal co-operation and mutual support in various areas of trading.

Network aThe central topic of the networking event are taxes and legislation related to exchange trading. This field is not yet sufficiently elaborated. Furthermore, in 2014 there was a relatively major legislation change in this field in the Czech Republic. Given that we are receiving many questions related to taxation of income from capital markets, we decided to give this topic s considerable space in our networking event.

Other interesting topics that will be discussed at the event are new trends in algorithmic trading, news from the world of commodity spreads and information about new renowed US brokers which now also support commodity spread trading.

The event will take place in magnificent Art Deco premises of the Hotel Majestic Plaza in Štěpánská Street in Prague. The conference facilities are located in the birthplace of the writer Jaroslav Hašek.

For a limited number of 60 participants, round tables of 10 participants.

The networking event is organized in a cooperation with Schaffer & Partner.

Who should attend:

  • All those interested in exchange trading
  • Both beginner and advanced traders

Dane_1Aims of the networking event:

  • Establishing long-term personal contacts between traders with different levels of trading experience
  • Live debate on the most common topics of practical exchange trading
  • Clarifying the taxation of income from capital markets
  • Learning practical aspects of legislation related to exchange trading, with special attention to trusts
  • News from the world of trading
  • Presentation of traders who are interested in sharing their trading experience


8:30-9:00 Registration, Welcome Coffee, Networking

9:00-9:10 Welcome and Event Opening

Romana Křížová, Ltd.; Aleš Eppinger - Schaffer & Partner

9:10-10:10 Taxes on Income from Exchange Trading and Innovative Investment Trust as Interesting Alternative to Financial Portfolio Management

Richard Gryga (daně), Aleš Eppinger (legislativa) - Schaffer & Partner

10:10-10:40 News from Commodity Trading, Commodity Spreads and New Renowed US Brokers Supporting Commodity Spread Trading

Romana Křížová,, Ltd.

10:50-11:00 Coffee Break and Networking

11:00-11:45 Managed Networking Part Focused on Practical Aspects of Trading

11:45-12:05 Algorithmic trading

Petr Tmej,

12:05-12:25 Investment Strategy Used in Automated Trading System

Jan Vencl, Investment Club of University of Finance and Administration in Prague

12:25-12:55 Panel discussion

12:55-13:00 Conclusions and closing the event

DatePlacePrice with VATLanguage
9.4.2015, 8:30-13:00 hod.Hotel Majestic Plaza, Štěpánská 33, Prague850 KčČesky

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