Do you consider exchange trading to be risky? Watch this video!


Do you consider exchange trading to be risky? Watch this video and you may change your mind! Enjoy watching! Team (c)


Choose trading strategies suggested by SeasonAlgo for March 2014!


SeasonAlgo platform developers prepared a set of suggested futures and futures spreads strategies for March 2014. Get your profitable trades ready! Do not you know how to use the platform? Book our online or class  course and get prolonged trial and 10% discount for the platform use! Team (c)


What for can we use statistical analysis in exchange trading? Learn in the new article!


In our new article about ATS you will learn what is testing of statistical hypotheses in exchange trading. You will also find out that there are zero and alternative hypotheses and what is the testing criterion. All this you can read in the introductory article od statistical analysis in exchange trading. …


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!


Dear Friends, We would like to wish you Merry and Happy Christmas. It is the time of peace when we should leave all the rush behind and enjoy love of our beloved ones, family and friends. Christmas is also the time when we can fulfill our secret dreams and keep …

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Watch the Video about the Course of Using the SeasonAlgo Platform


Watch the new video about the Course of Using the SeasonAlgo Platform, which was authorized by the platform developers. The course is available as online course. Currently there are class courses open for those interested in learning how to succeed in spread trading. Team (c)