sa_logo_200x75SeasonAlgo is unique analytical platform for search and analysis of seasonal movements in commodity markets, including support of all types of commodity spreads. Users can find seasonal strategies with high probability of winning, perform complex analysis including backtesting, optimizations, historical charts, seasonal correlations and keep track of trading using detailed portfolio management including price & profits alerts.

logo_200x75px.jpgThe international Schaffer & Partner Group, founded in 1997 and now employing over 100 professionals, offers its clients a full range of tax-related, auditing and legal services. We are one of the few offices of this kind to offer the ALL IN ONE concept, which as the name would suggest is a comprehensive package of bookkeeping services, tax administration, the opportunity to take legal advice and use legal services and auditing.

Interactive Brokers is very reliable online broker with more than 35 years of history, which collects annual awards to sites such as Barron’s. Reliability is just great advantage of this broker. All your trading orders are immediately stored on servers Interactive Brokers, and therefore there is no risk of losing control over their trading positions.
logo Investicni klubInvestment Club of VSFS is a student initiative established to research capital markets. The club is under a patronage of the Department of Finance of the University of Finance and Administration. The objectives are publishing articles about financial investment, analysing investment instruments of capital markets, creating trading strategies and their examination.