Our Users Improved Their Trades by 42% Thanks to Analyses of Futures Spreads

Are you curious about results of our survey of bi-weekly analyses of futures spreads? In January 2016 we ask our users about quality of our analysis in 2015 and if it helped them to improve their trading results compared to year 2014. Here are the results of the survey.


As you know, in May 2015 we began to perform regular bi-weekly analyses of current futures spreads with the highest trading potential. Since the beginning of the analyses had a great success and still enjoy great interest among traders. A short video about the principles of futures spreads trading is available here.

What are the analyses about and who are they intended for? We regularly search for spread trades with the strongest seasonality and the highest probability that seasonality will not be disturbed during the open trading position and thus the highest probability that the trade will result in a profit. Within an hour webinar we always look for the most interesting spreads, perform detailed analysis in the SeasonAlgo platform as well as fundamental analysis of current markets. We set Stop Loss and Profit Targets for each analyzed spread and we determine when to enter the trading position or what may be considered a warning of not entering the market.

In the next webinar we always get back to previously analyzed spreads and check their current development. We also assess whether the spread is still feasible for trading and whether to keep the trading position open or to close it. And, of course, we work on a new set of spreads. The webinar participants also have a possibility to send their own spreads before the session. These users’ spreads get analyzed at the end of the webinar.

Everyone who registers for the webinar is able to watch its video recording for the next 7 days. It is therefore ideal even for those clients who cannot watch the live session.

Results of the analyses survey:

The survey was conducted in January 2016. Majority of clients take part in the analyses repeatedly. 67% of respondents participated in the analyses webinars for more than 5 times and 40% of clients bought more than 10 analysis sessions. 100% of respondents said that the analyses fulfilled their expectations. All of them also stated that the analysis webinars were good and easy to follow and understand.

All respondents, who applied analyses in their live spread trades, stated that their trading results  improved in 2015 thanks to their participation in analysis webinars. On average, they improved their results by 42% compared to results of 2014. In case of professional traders the improvement was in average of 30%. Some respondents even declared that their results improved by more than 100%.

The bi-weekly analyses were positively evaluated both by beginner and professional futures spread traders. The beginners are particularly satisfied with the concreteness of analyses and that all trades can be without difficulty implemented in live trading.

We also asked how are our clients satisfied with our analyses in comparison with our competitors. According to our findings there are no comparable analyses worldwide. Globally, our competitors do not provide analyses in a form of live webinars and in such a level of detail. There are mostly written analyses and e-mailed trading recommendations. However, their winning rate and profitability is much lower than spreads selected and analyzed by TradeandFinance.eu. For business ethics reasons we are not providing the names of these competitors. However, upon request, we can send more detailed information.

Our respondents mentioned only minimal recommendations for webinars improvement. In most cases these were rather general questions about futures spread trading or features of the SeasonAlgo platform. However, such topics are not subject to practical analyses. We recommended such clients to follow our Online Course of Commodity and Futures Spread Trading and the Online Course of Using the SeasonAlgo Platform.

We are very pleased that clients TradeandFinance.eu are so happy with our analyses. We shall of course continue with our webinars.

We wish all our users a lot of success in their trades!

Team TradeandFinance.eu

(c) TradeandFinance.eu

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