SeasonAlgo is a unique online platform of its kind. It is intended primarily for those traders who specialize in trading futures and commodity spreads in particular. The platform can easily search for spreads or commodities with a high winning potential. The initial set of selected strategies can be filtered according to your own criteria and the final set can be further analyzed. SeasonAlgo provides seasonal patterns with history of over 30 yearsenables to use various types of most common indicators, has a spread value calculator and a detailed backtester. The platform allows for easy optimization of selected markets backtesting optimal enter/exit combinations. SeasonAlgo provides a tradebook which allows to calculate open and closed profit and to follow the trading equity. SeasonAlgo is the trading analytical tool we have been waiting for.

Key functions:

  • Search for seasonal trading strategies with the high winning potential.
  • Analysis of any spread or outright strategy or any seasonal trading window.
  • Unique analytical tools and charts.
  • Interactive chart with most common technical analysis tools - indicators, notes, spread value calculator...
  • Historical patterns of up to 30 years
  • Backtests and optimisation of any seasonal strategy on all available historical data
  • Portfolio of stored strategies including individual trading positions and contracts and an option to set up different types of alerts
  • All types of analysis is done  online, no pre-calculated results
  • Web application available even on mobile devices. No installation, no problems.

Bonus for graduates of our courses:

  • 30 days trial for all markets,
  • 10% discount on SeasonAlgo (applied even on reccuring payments)
  • applicable for graduates of the course of Using the SeasonAlgoPlatform (online course, class course, individual course)
  • applicable for graduates of Commodity Spread Trading course (class course, individual course)
  • applicable for graduates of Workshop of Spread Trading with the Advanced Bactester of SeasonAlgo (class course, individual course)

Send us the bonus request upon the course tuition payment.

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