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Read November WASDE Report


November WASDE report (World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates) has just been published. Important information about world agricultural commodities. In October the report was not published due to well know problems at the level of the US Federal government. Team TradeandFinance.eu (c) TradeandFinance.eu


Profit Factor

Profit Factor (PF) is one of the most important performance indicators of a trading system quality. PF is counted as the sum of all profitable trades (Gross Profit) divided by the absolute value of the sum of all losing trades (Gross Loss). Formula for PF calculation:   Team TradeandFinance.eu (c) TradeandFinance.eu



Exchange is a highly organized and strictly regulated market where various underlying assets such as stocks, commodities, currencies, ETFs, etc. get traded (bought and sold). The exchange brings together buyers and sellers. The trades have a form of bilateral agreements and the final price of an underlying asset is determined by …



Drawdown can be expressed as an amount of money or as a percentage of the largest decline in capital through our live trading or historical backtest. Its value or a multiple of this value is often used to determine the initial capital of trading account for live trading as well as …