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Why to Trade Commodity Spreads and Futures Spreads?


In our article Use of the Term “SPREAD” in Exchange Trading we briefly introduced the area of commodity spreads, or rather futures spreads. Let’s now look at them in more detail. The principle of trading futures spreads is a speculation on increase or decrease of price difference between two futures …


Do you consider exchange trading to be risky? Watch this video!


Do you consider exchange trading to be risky? Watch this video and you may change your mind! Enjoy watching! Team TradeandFinance.eu (c) TradeandFinance.eu


Choose trading strategies suggested by SeasonAlgo for March 2014!


SeasonAlgo platform developers prepared a set of suggested futures and futures spreads strategies for March 2014. Get your profitable trades ready! Do not you know how to use the platform? Book our online or class  course and get prolonged trial and 10% discount for the platform use! Team TradeandFinance.eu (c) TradeandFinance.eu


All About Trading in 8 Hours! Enrol for New Single Day December Course!


7th of December 2013 in Prague – DO NOT MISS! Learn basics about exchange trading within a single day. Take part in our day course and learn in 8 hours all you need to know before starting with serious trading. Do not forget to take the advantage of discounts for …


Learn About Futures Contracts Specifications and Terminology


Read Chapter 3 of the Handbook of Successful Trading and learn all about futures specifications and terminology. Learn what is liquidity, derivates, futures contracts, expiration and execution of trades on commodity exchange. Team TradeandFinance.eu (c) TradeandFinance.eu