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Join Romana’s webinar “Seasonal Futures Spread Trading with SeasonAlgo” at London Investment Week

London Week1

Join Romana’s special webinar on Seasonal Futures Spread Trading with SeasonAlgo.com at London Investment Week! 15th October 2015 at 18:00 BST (British Summer Time) Free attendance. REGISTER HERE! The seasonal approach to commodity markets allows to anticipate future price movements. Commodity markets are strongly influenced by annual cycles and seasonal …


Use of the Term “SPREAD” in Exchange Trading


If you are at least a little familiar with exchange trading, you’ve surely already come across the term spread. It is a frequently used term which, however, occurs in various contexts and therefore represents several different phenomena. As a result, there is often confusion regarding the spread interpretation and it …


Track ‘n Trade

Track and Trade detail

Software Track ‘n Trade from Gecko is a very interesting and practical tool for all stocks, futures and forex traders. The software has separate versions for traders with these assets and instruments. Moreover, it is one of few softwares which enables analysis of commodity spreads.  Gecko offers a wide range of practical and useful plug-ins for historical simulations, …



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MRCI provides valuable historical data necessary for futures and commodity spreads trading.  MRCI is very competitive thanks to having access to exchange data back up to 25 years. MRCI statistically evaluates data and provides monthly previews of long-term successful trades and their winning ratio for the period of 15 years and …



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SeasonAlgo is a unique online platform of its kind. It is intended primarily for those traders who specialize in trading futures and commodity spreads in particular. The platform can easily search for spreads or commodities with a high winning potential. The initial set of selected strategies can be filtered according to your own …