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Broker is an individual or firm which ensures the trade between the purchase and sale of underlying assets (futures, stocks etc..). When the trade is executed the broker gets a commission. Among the best priced and best-known brokers belong companies as Interactive Brokers and Tradestation Securities. Team TradeandFinance.eu (c) TradeandFinance.eu



Exchange is a highly organized and strictly regulated market where various underlying assets such as stocks, commodities, currencies, ETFs, etc. get traded (bought and sold). The exchange brings together buyers and sellers. The trades have a form of bilateral agreements and the final price of an underlying asset is determined by …



Drawdown can be expressed as an amount of money or as a percentage of the largest decline in capital through our live trading or historical backtest. Its value or a multiple of this value is often used to determine the initial capital of trading account for live trading as well as …



TradeMiner detail

If you are not sure how to find the right trade opportunities then TradeMiner is an ideal tool. There is a version for stocks, futures and forex. It builds upon historical data of more than 15 years back. It enables to define selection criteria for potentially successful trades. For instance, …