Romana – Active Trader, Qualified Investment Broker and Trainer

Romana_mediumRomana graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Prague. As it is often in life, she graduated several specialisations, one after another, but they are all far from exchange trading.

However, she did not work in the field of her original specialisation. Still during her university studies, she set up her own company which provided various kinds of educational activities. Few years later, Romana got involved in the area of international co-operation and grants from European Funds. Her company was one of the first ones in the Czech Republic to provide high quality consulting services in this field. It all resulted in a long-term growth and prosperity of the company.

In 2005-2009 Romana was the member of the Board of Directors of CERGE-EI Foundation. It was also in relation to this position that in 2010 she got involved in exchange trading. Initially, trading was a kind of hobby and a way to spend her free time. However, she got soon hooked and started trading intensively on a daily basis. She studied a lot of literature, attended a number of domestic and foreign courses of varying quality and completed a nine-month trading couching from successful U.S. traders. Thanks to this intensive training, which combined experience from the Czech Republic and the U.S., she very soon started with live trading. And the results came almost immediately. Already in the first year of trading she managed to increase her trading capital by 80%. In 2015 Romana increased her capital by 157%.

Like most beginner traders, Romana become first acquainted with Forex on which she learnt her first trading strategies which she paradoxically still successfully applies on her commodity spread trading. Romana tried different types of trading, from Forex, through position- and daytrading, to options and commodity spreads. And these are the commodity spreads which the best suit her character and time possibilities. And because she is interested in and all issues and activities related to exchange trading, including legislation and market regulations, she passed the official broker exam at the Masaryk University Brno and became the qualified investment broker.

Over time, Romana decided she would also like to pass her knowledge to the others. It is because she had the first hand experience about how difficult it was at the beginning to get oriented in trading issues and to assess what information is relevant and of a good quality. Thus she capitalized on her long experience of business activities in the field of training and consulting and set up an educational portal as a platform for sharing her practical knowledge in a form of articles, videos, courses and individual training.

And Romana’s message to all novice traders?

"Do not be afraid of trading. It's not just an unattainable dream. Exchange trading is accessible for absolutely everyone, regardless of education, age and specialisation. You just need a strong will to follow your dream of financial and time independence."